Unit 4 assignment – project: create wbs with ms excel


This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Evaluate strategies for managing project scope, time, cost, and quality.
  • Create project deliverables.


For this assignment, you will create a Work Breakout Structure (WBS) for your project using Microsoft Excel. As an industry best practice, many project managers will build their WBS using MS Excel to provide a more simplistic view and analysis of the project’s work categories and the “Work Packages.” Once the WBS is approved, the project manager will import the data into the preferred corporate PM Tool. Examples of industry-leading tools include MS Project, Primavera, Clarity, TeamGantt, Monday.com, etc. For unit 4, you are ONLY required to submit your WBS in MS Excel.

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Work Breakdown Structure Overview

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a view into the project which shows what work the project encompasses.  It is a tool that helps to easily communicate the work and processes involved to execute the project.  The Project Manager and project team use the WBS to develop the project schedule, resource requirements, and costs. 

Levels of the Work Breakdown Structure

Level 0 = Project deliverable – Overall project to be delivered.

Level 1 = Key Deliverables – Deliverables required for the success of the project based on the scope.

Level 2 = Sub-deliverables – Sub-deliverables are the components that make up the key deliverables. Sub-deliverables require that the work package get completed. Sometimes, the work package is established at this level.

Level 3 = Work Package – The task level of the WBS where cost and resources and be assigned. Task must begin with a verb. The Work Package rolls up to the sub-deliverables.

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