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Unit 5 Discussion: Impact of Risk-free Rates and Market Premiums (FIN201)

Please consider all that we have learned thus far regarding the impact of diversification, risk-free securities, and market premiums.  With that in mind, please describe how adding a risk-free security to modern portfolio theory allows investors to do better than the efficient frontier.  Additionally, explain how might the magnitude of the market risk premium impact people’s desire to buy stocks?

Unit 5 DB: Classical Music Composers (MUS320)

For this discussion, you will choose an American Classical Composer from our readings and discuss the following: (William Grant Still)

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  • Brief background of the composer with one (1) image (William Grant Still)
  • The composer’s musical training and influences (from America or abroad)
  • The socio-cultural backdrop for their music
  • How this composer and their music influenced music of the future
  • A concise list of famous work
  • Your favorite piece of their music (link shared from YouTube) – Why is this your favorite?
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