UNIT5 Social Problems Being Homeless In The Land Of The American Dream

Unit 5 Assignment

1.In your text on pages 208-209, the author discusses his research on the homeless population.He refers to the many routes one can take to become homeless.Choose two populations from his list that you think might work in your career as a human services professional.Describe two possible interventions or tasks that you might be involved with in working with each population.What are some of the general skills a human services professional might need to work with these populations?

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2.For each of the types of homelessness listed above, identify/analyze specific problems related to homelessness that individuals may encounter.Then, provide two solutions that human services professionals can implement to help the person get out of his/her situation.Why did you choose these solutions?

3. For each of the populations chosen, research at least one agency/organization in your own county that might work with this population.How effective do you think the agencies are in assisting the populations you chose to discuss?What are some of the important components of an agency that works daily with the homeless population?

4. Explain the role human services professionals play in solving social problems.

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