“up in the air” movie analysis paper

1.  Purpose:  Recognize the importance of various influences on communication and analyze the process that occurs as a relationship is established, grows, and changes.

·  In this context, relationship means the state or character of being interrelated: connected.

·  This analysis is about the state of affairs existing between people who have dealings with each other.

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2.  Content Directions:

·  Select a major scene from a movie where there is dyadic (two people communicating) interaction.  

·  Watch the whole film and the scene several times observing theory – principles – concepts.

·  Identify the following IN THE SCENE YOU CHOOSE:

o Chapter #1:    All parts of the Communication Model

o Chapter #2:    The perception process at work in the scene

   Apply impression formation processes to one character in your scene

o Chapter #3:  Show how aspects of cultural differences are at work in the scene

o Chapter #5:  Identify and discuss aspects of nonverbal communication observed

o Chapter #6:    Apply the 4 parts of the (self disclosure) Johari Window to one character

Apply Dimensions & Stages of a Relationship

o Chapter #7:  Stages / Dimensions and Active Listening Process

3. Paper Writing Directions:

·  Typed 4 – 6 page paper – double spaced – Times New Roman – 12 pt font size – 1” margins – APA

·  Identify: the communication phenomena observed in the scene

·  Required:  Concepts and terms from the text book must be used in writing your paper.

·  UnderlineOR Boldeach key termused within the paper.  Use APA style to reference page number.

4.  Analysis Outcome = A critical analysisof a lengthy movie scene in essay form    (50 points)

·  NOT a chronological description of events

·  Goals:  Reader fully understands the characters and their relationship

Clarity of each concept that IS or IS NOT at work in the scene

Concepts correctly interpreted and applied

·  Organization:  Use a sectionalizedformat:

o Introduction(includes scene description):

§  Attention material + identification of relevant characters + major film plot /premise

§  Thesis statement + previews (points) primary concepts discussed in the paper

o Analysis: of communication and specific application of communication principles.

§  Identify the major principles/concepts and support these with specific movie example

§  Draw links to concepts and the factors that influence our communication w/ others

o Evaluation:  How do you think you would do in this type of relationship?

o Conclusion:  Brief Summary

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