Use the functions in excel to solve for a missing angle or side using


Create ONE SPECIFIC problem that relates to the use  of that law, and then teach us how to solve that problem. Give an  example of an engineering problem where it is used. Remember, you will  be able to use the developed worksheet in your relevant classes to  facilitate your calculations.

The law of sines states that Sin A/a=Sin B/b=Sin C/c The law of cosines states that c2=a2+b2−2ab cosC

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In your original post, answer the following:

  • Tell us which law you will be using.
    ****It’s okay to repeat a topic this week!****.
  • Be  sure your problem is original, and it is not too similar to a  classmate’s. There are many different applications to choose from, so  this should not be a problem. For example, forces acting on a winch,  tension on cables lifting a create, etc.
  • Find a resource with a  tutorial/information that addresses the engineering problem to solve.  Remember, you are NOT teaching the whole topic, but just how to use the  laws of Sines and/r Cosines as it relates to the overall  application/problem you have created.
  • You must cite your source  in APA format. (Even if you know how to create and solve a problem  related to your topic, you still must include a source that your  classmates can reference to read more about what you are teaching.)
  • Tell  us the application you have created. Remember, your application must be  ORIGINAL: made up by YOU. DO NOT use an application that has a full  solution from a resource.
  • Tell us how to implement your solution  step-by-step. Your solution should include all steps as well as  explanations in your own words.
    • You can type this as a step-by-step guide
    • You can create a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 5 slides
  • Insert a screen recording of your implementation of the solution along with narration to provide your explanations.
    Get creative with how you explain your solution.
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