We all experience various levels of pain in our lives. this

We all experience various levels of pain in our lives. This assignment will explore the connection between stress, anxiety, and pain. Write a paper in which you discuss the following: What is the difference between acute and chronic pain? When does acute pain become chronic pain? Are acute pain and chronic pain treated differently? What are some ways they are treated? Is there a connection between stress, anxiety, and acute and chronic pain? Explain. Describe one of your most recent experiences with pain. Was it more of a mental feeling, such as with stress? Or was it more physical? What kind of treatment did you seek out? Did it help? Do you prefer traditional or nontraditional/alternative methods for pain management? How did your pain affect you? Did it prevent you from doing any of your day-to-day activities? Your paper should be 750 to 1000 words (approximately 3 to 4 pages, excluding the cover page and references). Use double spacing and a 12 point font, and include at least two sources other than those in the reading assignments. All references should be included on a separate page and formatted using APA style. https://www.brunet.ca/en/health/health-tips/le-stress–un-enjeu-de-societe/ https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321450 https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/12051-acute-vs-chronic-pain https://www.pain-health.com/conditions/chronic-pain/acute-vs-chronic-pain 

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