Web page with css | Computer Science homework help

 Instructions: Create an informative web site about any topic that interests you.  Make sure that you write the content (the paragraphs of information about your topic) yourself.  Do not copy content from other web pages.  Your web site should contain at least 4-6 paragraphs of information, arranged in a logical manner (using headings and sub-headings appropriately), and it should contain at least 2 HTML pages.  Use this as an opportunity to teach me something new about a topic which you are knowledgeable about!  You may continue to build on the web page that you started last week.

 The HTML pages of your web site must include all of the following:

 Contains the HTML 5 DOCTYPE declaration on each page

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  1. Correctly uses html, head, and body tags on each page
  2. Includes charset, author, keywords, and description meta tags on each page
  3. Use title tags to give each page an appropriate title
  4. Link all pages to an external style sheet (.css file)
  5. Use paragraph, line break, heading tags, and horizontal rules appropriately to format your pages and make them readable and well-presented
  6. Three images that are relevant to your website’s theme (the images can go on any of the pages of your website that you like).
  7. One of your images needs to be embedded in a hyperlink, making it a clickable image.
  8. A hyperlink to an external webpage (a page that is not part of your website). The webpage should be relevant to your website’s theme.
  9. Local hyperlinks (coded with a relative path). Use these to link from one page of your website to another page of your website.
  10. An internal hyperlink (that takes you to a different spot on the same webpage where you code the link).
  11. Copyright statement at bottom of all HTML pages, with correctly coded HTML entity code for copyright symbol 

Your external style sheet (.css file) must include all of the following:


  1. Move all inline CSS you created in your HTML file last week to your external style sheet (.css file), creating the appropriate CSS file entries in your external style sheet and removing the inline CSS code from your HTML files.
  2. Set page background color and text color in your external CSS style sheet (make sure to delete the existing background color and text color attributes from the body tag in your HTML files).
  3. Set the font-family and font-size for body text in your external CSS style sheet
  4. Create a declaration in your style sheet to set the font-family, color, and font-size properties of level-one headings (optionally, you may create declarations for other levels of headings, as well)
  5. Create a declaration in your style sheet to set the width and height properties for your horizontal rules 
  6. Create a CSS class in your style sheet to float images to the left, using float and margin properties.  Apply this class to at least one of the images on your website. 

Golden_5  Jped  refers to Goldens as  being laid back .

Golden_7  Jped refers to them loving water and being playful

Goldens2  refers to just being pretty and loveable

To be built on previous html.


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