Week #12 Discussion Research Methods

Select a health care or health policy topic that interests you.1. Find a study in a peer reviewed journal, e.g. The Journal of the American Medical Association, The Transcultural Nursing Journal, etc. DO NOT select some “study” reported second hand from medscape or the Mayo Clinic.  If you get stuck, go to Google Scholar and type the topic or question that interests you into the search bar. Look to the upper left and limit your search to the year 2015 to date.2. Describe your selected study and include the following:MethodologyPopulation researched (subjects or participants)Recruitment method for participantsHypothesis (quantitative) or Question studied (qualitative)Outcome or findingsYour “lessons learned” from reading the study.3. Share what difficulties you had with either finding appropriate studies or with reading the studies you had. What was hard? What was easy? Why?4. Reply to two colleagues.

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