Week 6 – assignment: counsel first-time managers on technology

You have chosen the newest member of your leadership team to represent the administration department on your organization’s bioethics committee. You chose this individual due to their enthusiasm for the topic; but unlike some other members of the bioethics committee, they lack expertise in the various topics that are often discussed in committee meetings. In the past, you served on the bioethics committee and are familiar with some of the responsibilities and topic areas. The committee provides an orientation to all new committee members, but the orientation leans toward the operations of the committee. In order the make the member of your team feel more comfortable in their role, you will develop a presentation on the why the bioethics committee was formed, as well as possible topics that may arise, especially with recent advances in technology.

The presentation to your team member should provide a brief background on the legal cases that encouraged the formation of the bioethics committee. It should also describe any legal or regulatory requirements for the formation of the bioethics committee. Lastly, the presentation must also include the following topics:

*Statutes and regulations related to patient’s rights and responsibilities. 

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*Statutes and regulations related to clinician’s rights and responsibilities.

*Current principles of patient consent.

*Health information management and confidentiality.

*Organ harvesting.

*Reproductive technology.

*Genetics and cloning.

*End-of-life care.

Please discuss the legal and ethical implications undergirding each topic. You may include additional advanced technology topics if you’d like.

Length: The slide presentation will consist of 12-15 slides, not including the first slide as your title slide and the last slide as your reference slide.

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources to support the content of the letter.

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