Week 6: Literature Review

Week 6: Literature Review.

While the implementation plan prepares students to apply their research to the problem or issue they have identified for their capstone change proposal project, the literature review enables students to map out and move into the active planning and development stages of the project.

A literature review analyzes how current research supports the PICOT, as well as identifies what is known and what is not known in the evidence. Students will use the information from the earlier PICOT Statement Paper (see attachment) and Literature Evaluation Table (see attachments) assignments to develop a 750-1,000 max (please do not exceed word count limit) word review that includes the following sections:

1. Title page

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2. Introduction section

3. A comparison of research questions

4. A comparison of sample populations

5. A comparison of the limitations of the study

6. A conclusion section, incorporating recommendations for further research

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. Please use the Literature review template (see attachment) when completing this assignment to ensure all points are included. The Literature review template is written from the assignment guidelines and it is imperative that you use them as I grade from them.

Please include in-text citations for all factual information, and references used must be within the last 5 years. Please include DOI in references. 

Week 6: Literature Review

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