Week 7: knowledge check reflection: visual rhetorical analysis around



This Knowledge Check Reflection activity was adapted from assignment on p. 349 of your textbook. Please read the below instructions and produce a brief argument.  

Over the course of week seven, you need to take a photo of (5) different visual arguments you encounter throughout your week. These visual arguments need to be taken from stimuli around you but 2 of the 5 can be screencaps of arguments you experience online, but no more.  The goal is for you to notice visual arguments around you, I don’t want to just see popular online visual arguments that you looked up inorganically. 

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These 5 occurrences of visual rhetoric need to use both verbal and visual elements. Analyze each images’ argument first by pointing out the claim(s) the visual argument makes and then explain how you came to that conclusion. As you analyze each of these images if you need extra help, consider the questions about multimodal texts offered in Chapter 16 on pp. 388-390. Your analysis should explicitly answer the following questions for each of your 5 visual arguments:

  • What is/are the claim(s) the visual argument makes?
  • What elements of the text communicate the argument?
  • Is this an explicit or implicit argument?
  • Describe the context in which you came across this visual argument (i.e. “I found this political bumper sticker when I was grocery shopping at my local target” “I found this advertisement in the magazine of my doctor’s office” etc.) 


  • Reflective exercise must meet a minimum of 500 words in length (total, not for each of the 5 visuals. Try and keep each visual analysis around 100-150 words)
  • Original Title at the top of your reflection “Walker WK1 Reflection” is not original. Try and think outside of the box and pull something unique and individual from our weekly assigned readings
  • Assignment will be Assessed using Knowledge Check Rubric Below 
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