Week two redo discussion | Psychology homework help


When doing this post, be sure to look at SPECIFIC behavioral or personality traits in terms of recent research. 

Examples of behavioral traits include:

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Positive emotionality

Negative emotionality





There are many others as well, but I wanted to make clear these are psychological traits rather than traits such as height or eye color which are primarily inherited.

Dr. Kelly

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Nature versus nurture is a “hot topic” in the world of psychology and the balance of each side’s contribution has long been debated. Consider the information provided in your textbook and recent research to discuss this topic.

  1. Provide a summary of the nature/nurture debate.
  2. What are your own thoughts on nature versus nurture? Did they change at all after reading your text, your classmate’s responses or from completing this assignment?
  3. Include recent research (2013-present) on at least two specific behavioral traits that have been studied. If you find non-scholarly sources (e.g., newspaper articles, magazines, etc.) feel free to include them in addition to your scholarly sources. Describe the research (e.g., what they studied and found).
  4. Give your thoughts on the research. Was it surprising? Controversial? Consistent with your beliefs? Did you find contradictory evidence for the role of nature and nurture for the traits you chose?
  5. lot of classmates did twins
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