WILMU Wk 2 Child Care Centre Data Model & Conceptual Design Discussion


the data model for child care center ( attached below) , copy and paste that data model graphic into paper using MS Word. In the MS Word document, list the following:

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  1. all the entities
  2. all the attributes in each entity
  3. the primary key for each entity
  4. all the foreign keys
  5. all the relationship cardinalities between entities (e.g., a professor can teach one to many classes; an individual class is taught by one and only one professor)
  6. for each relationship between entities, specify the name of the attribute in one entity that will be used to match to an attribute in a related entity, including the specific attribute name in the second entity that is used for the matching. For instance, in a school data model: “The Student_ID attribute in the Registered_Class entity is used to match to the Student_ID attribute in the Enrolled_Student entity.”



  • Textbook: Module 3 – The Relational Data Model
  • Video: Module 3 – Relational Database Tables and Their Characteristics (3:13 min.)
  • Video: Module 3 – Relational Database Keys (1:48 min.)
  • PowerPoint: Module 3 Review charts
  • Textbook: Module 4 – Entity Relationship (ER) Modeling
  • Video: Module 4 – Entity Relationship Diagrams: Part I – Entities and Attributes (3:46 min.)
  • Video: Module 4 – Entity Relationship Diagrams: Part II Identifiers (1:19 min.)
  • Video: Module 4 – Entity Relationship Diagrams: Part III Relationships (3:54 min.)
  • Video: Module 4 – Entity Relationship Diagrams: Part IV Relationship Degrees (2:13 min.)
  • Video: Module 4 – Entity Relationship Diagrams: Part V Associative Entities (1:19 min.)
  • PowerPoint: Module 4 Review charts

Question 2.

Week 2 – Data Management Project: Conceptual Design

The Data Management Project for Week 2 builds upon what you did for the Data Management Project in Week 1 (Answer you provided to me last week is attached for you to look on below). Create a conceptual data model of data management project showing the entities and relationships. Use the Draw.io tool to create your conceptual model.

Export the data model as a PDF and save it on your PC, as shown in the Draw.io video tutorial. Submit the PDF to me.


Note: The Draw.io video tutorial shows you how to resolve many-to-many relationships in your entity-relationship diagram. You will need to do that in subsequent weeks, but not for this week’s assignment. For this week’s assignment, create the entities, relationships, primary keys, and attributes.

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