wk 4 discussion 2

wk 4 discussion 2.

Kant’s moral philosophy is based on an idea he calls the “categorical imperative, and he offers three formulations of this principle (basically three ways to say the same thing). Below are questions about two of these three formulations. (200 words each question)

1. Using O’Neill’s article, “A Simplified Account of Kant’s Ethics,” explain the Formula of the Ends in Itself.

2. The Universal Formulation is offered, by Kant, on page 108: “Act only on that Maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.” Kant then gives four examples. Compare the first two examples (1. on page 108 and 2. on page 109). How do these examples illustrate the Universal formulation?

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wk 4 discussion 2

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