Woes of self-reference criterion, homework help

You are an executive of an American company. You have been sent to London to expand your company’s operations in that city.

(a) From your knowledge (or research) of cultural differences between the British and Americans, with what two cultural faux pas are you likely to irritate the British people?

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(b) What can you do to minimize chances of such irritation, so that you can be more successful in the UK?

P.S. This question is not about Americans in general; it is about you, as an American, in particular. You need to get personal and apply it to yourself. Don’t write in general terms about Americans.

“Discuss” assignment should each contain a minimum of a 120-word initial response.

Please use the reading material that is provided to answer this posting.

Needs to be in apa format

intext citation from the reading material only.

Reference for reading material is:

Parnell, J.A. (2008). Strategic management: Theory and practice (3rd ed). Cincinnati, OH: Cengage. Electronic version retrieved from https://www.betheluniversityonline.net

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