Workout Class Community Group discussion

The Annotated Bibliography is your chance to see what’s out there and what has been previously written about your community.

The Synthesis Essay is your opportunity to introduce your community in the form of formal writing. If you are going into this assignment feeling unsure of your writing ability or even if you just need a refresher, this is a great resource for how to approach academic writing:

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the community that I chosen is workout class community group see the attached for references

Requirements for Synthesis Essay

  1. The essay states an original thesis that depicts a community and outlines a problem the community faces. In this essay you should: a) define “community”, in general, based on what you’ve learned, b) define your chosen community, c) identify the problem the community faces (note: we are not yet talking about solutions, just the problem), d) synthesize your personal thoughts about community and why you’ve chosen the community to research (this should include some personal reflection and use of the first person point of view)
  2. The essay must include 5 or more credible sources.
  3. All sources must be properly cited in the essay and in a references page at the end.
  4. All essays should be formatted in APA style.

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