Write a one-page essay about the attached article



Read the article and Write a one-page essay structured as follows:  (An example is attached)

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            a. What is the title of the article?


            b. Who wrote it?


            c. What magazine/journal/periodical published it?


d. Provide the date of publication


            e. Which of the databases did you use? (Internet sites or blogs are not allowed)


            f. What keyword did you search for?


Paragraph 2. Briefly summarize the article. 


         Tell me what it is about.  Use general rather than specific information.  Do not “lift”  


         passages from the article!


Paragraph 3. What interested you about this article? 


                     Tell me why you chose it.  This is the most important paragraph and should be of


                     equal length to paragraph 2.



The article and instructions is attached

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