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First download the Math lesson plan template (linked above) and create your activity (it can be either science or math related).  After you have filled out the template, respond to the following questions:

Part 1: Include the age group of the activity you selected and identify what kind of chart or graph you would use for this activity and how. Be sure to be specific when identifying the chart/graph (don’t just indicate a “graph,” but the specific kind of graph (table, web, concrete graph, etc.).

Part 2: Why is it important for children to be exposed and learn to use different kinds of charts and graphs? How is this going to help them later?  How will it help build mathematical/scientific thinking? 

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Make sure to ATTACH the lesson plan template to your post. 




The Importance of Charting and Graphing


After you view the video from this week’s Reading, you are going to develop your own math or science activity. This activity should focus on change and the importance of capturing change and growth. For example, you could develop an activity around a tadpole growing into a frog.

You are then going to select a chart or graph that fits best with your activity. Explain how you will use the chart/graph in the activity.

  • Make sure to include the age group this activity would work best for: 0–4 months, 5–12 months, 2–4 years, or 5–8 years.
  • Discuss why it is important for children to learn to use different types of charting and graphing early in their education.
  • Using the  MATH lesson plan template, complete the information using the activity you have mentioned above. Make sure to complete each component of the lesson plan.


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