You have reached the mid-point of obld 317, congratulations are you


You have reached the Mid-Point of OBLD 317, congratulations are you halfway to completion and one step closer to your degree goals! It is time to pause and reflect on your learnings. You are tasked with crafting a Mid-Point Reflection Analysis. This paper should be formatted the same as the previous Reflection paper, however, it has been four (4) modules since you wrote your initial goals, how have you grown and what do you still need to complete to accomplish your aforementioned goals?

Along that train of thought, craft a second Reflection Analysis addressing the following:

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  • What were your initial course goals?
  • What course concept has been the most powerful or useful to you and your career?
  • How do you plan to continue to develop and reach your course goals?
  • What do you need to change, alter, or add to your class goals?
  • Review the OBLD 317 learning outcomes, how do these compare to what you have learned thus far?

3 page 

apa style

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