“Your Turn – Google’s Evolving Pay Strategy” beginning on page 291 of the Mikovich text, management homework help


Compose a 2-3 page paper that addresses the exercise posed in “Your Turn – Google’s Evolving Pay Strategy” beginning on page 291 of the Mikovich text. APA formatting standards must be followed. A minimum of 3 scholarly resources from outside of class need to be used. Please don’t plagiarized, also please refer to the below attachments for further assistance. Thanks


  1. What is Google’s pay level? How do you define and measure its pay level?
  2. Does your answer to the above question depend on what point in time it is answered? For example, what was Google’s pay level the day before it reprised employee stock options? What was Google’s pay level that day after it reprised employee stock options?
  3. Why did Google reprice its stock options and also give a 10 percent salary increase (in an era when 2 to 3 percent annual salary increase budgets are the norm)? Is it because its business strategy and/or product life cycle changed? Is it because it was concerned that employees’ perceived value of compensation did not match what Google was spending?
  4. Do you think Google has made the right choices in changing its compensation strategy? How much do these changes cost? How do these costs compare to Google’s total costs and operating income? Are these increased compensation costs likely to be a good investment? In other words, will they pay for themselves (and more)? Explain.
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