You are a new employee at an IT help desk. The organization that you work for has computers that are due for an operating system (OS) upgrade. Your supervisor has provided you with components of the implementation plan to carry out in order to facilitate a smooth upgrade process in each department. 

For Milestone One, you will prepare and submit a report modifying the provided Javascript code to display a new message to the employees when they open their web browser. This will inform them about the operating system upgrade. 

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In your report, describe five components of code, indicating their role in programming. Identify the specific code to be changed, modify it, and describe the changes, supported by screenshots. 

The employees will have their computers upgraded in groups so that all computers are not offline at the same time. Each group will have a date when its upgrade will begin. You will choose a date that is at least 30 days in the future. 

This will be the initial upgrade date for Group 1. The groups and their corresponding upgrade dates will be assigned as follows: 

Group 1: Choose an initial upgrade date that is at least 30 days in the future. 

Group 2: This date should be 2 days after the initial upgrade date. 

Group 3: This date should be 5 days after the initial upgrade date. 

Group 4: This date should be 8 days after the initial upgrade date. 

Group 5: This date should be 10 days after the initial upgrade date. 

For this assignment, you are to take the following code and run it in the script executer found at one of the following:



You will type the provided code into the editor. Be sure to focus on syntax, and make sure you have no errors. Once you enter the code, modify the date that the code is counting down to for each of the five group dates for the upgrade. Take a screenshot of each result after you modify and execute the code. SEE ATTACHED CODES AND OTHER INFORMATION PLEASE.


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