2 essays ( 1-comparing and contrasting two films) and (2-creat film)


first essay


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Film Analysis Paper (Co-Curricular Activity): student will complete a 5 page paper comparing and contrasting two films that address a theme or issue of global concern. The films chosen must come from two different parts of the world and reflect different cultural perspectives.  At least one of the films must be from those exhibited at the Italian Film Festival. The student’s analysis must consider the way filmmaking techniques, use of film aesthetics (cinematography, sounds, narrative structures, production design), and communication styles affect the films’ approach to the theme or issue in context of global issues. 


Film Analysis Paper Instructions:

Courier font

12-point font


5 pages

Cover page


second essay

(( creat Film )) make new a film 
Film Treatment : Each student will participate to develop a detailed film “treatment” (or summary of film’s story and visual approach)  (not a film already made) proposing and imagining a short film or feature (a narrative or documentary) that will constructively address a specific problem of global concern (past or present).  The treatment must incorporate an awareness of the global significance (social, political, cultural) and international/intercultural perspectives of the problem and creatively propose ways to address the problem via the cinematic medium. It should also approach to elements address in class discussion and textbook topics (such as sound design, narrative, cinematography, etc).  As a summary of a film idea you create, it should have the structure of a film- with acts, conflict, etc. (*Revisit the narrative chapter and Syd Field’s 3-act structure diagrams).


Film Treatment Document Instructions:

Courier font

12-point font


2 pages – 4 pages

Cover page with film title

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