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Executive Summary


The following report serves as an evaluation and analysis of the present and prospective trends in Australia where Baptcare Victoria and Tasmania can fully apply this in developing a strategic plan. The methods of analysis consist of the study of macro and microenvironment, which also consist of PESTEL, Porter’s 5 forces, resources, capabilities and competences. Following information is presented in Barney’s VRIN framework to determine the sustainability and competitive advantage of Baptcare. Applying these findings, pairing it with the aspect of key stakeholders, an evaluation of Baptcare present strategy is conducted to review any areas for further improvement. This report will reflect Baptcare current strategy; it also focuses on the competitive advantages over other companies like its production and Centre of Excellence (CoE) in customer service and value added professional advisory. The strategy will be determined by the following three factors, namely suitability, acceptability and feasibility to ensure Baptcare potential success in Australia.

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1.    Introduction

Without a doubt, people in Australia are living longer and healthier these days. Aged care sectors are figuring out how to attract and retain its clients by embracing modern technologies, which will impact the quality of life of its consumers. Thus, it is important for Baptcare to study its environment to identify the opportunities and threats critical to achieve this aim. These factors serve as useful information in the development of a strategic plan for subsequent actions.

2.    Background of Baptcare

2.1. History

Baptcare is a faith-based not-for-profit organisation that accommodate residential and community care for older people, support to families, children and people who are living with disability, financially unstable people and people seeking asylum.

Baptcare has been established over a 70-year history of providing care and support to the vulnerable and sometimes marginalised people within the community. Today Baptcare have a wide range of services which extent across Tasmania and Victoria, with care and support being administered by more than 1,600 skilled and professional staff at over 40 locations.

Baptcare enjoys relationship with Baptist Churches throughout Victoria and Tasmania. Many Baptists volunteer among their services to families, youth and older people. Baptcare’s Community Engagement program also supports Baptist Churches spreading to communities to address poverty, suffering and social exclusion. Since 2011, Baptcare has backed 86 community engagement projects, where over 500 Baptist church volunteers have been involved in service for their community.

2.2 Foresight

With a vision of “Communities where everyone is cherished”.  Baptcare aims to differentiate itself from other organisation through the values of Respect, Justice, Commitment, Integrity, Accountability and Cooperation. These core values cover the aspect of why they do what they do, what they focus on and how they go about it. Thus, this allows them to serve people with great pride in future to those with a variety of ages, cultures, belief and circumstances.

2.3 Target Market

Baptcare’s target markets are catered for Retirement living, Residential aged care, Disability service, Family, youth and foster care. It also offers independence at home, offer choice and control, deliver accommodation to match the individual budget and lifestyle, offer integrated family and community services and be easy to deal with across all touch points.

As Baptcare has a wide range of specific target market, Baptcare will match the right Home Help to the consumer’s unique situation and needs which will aid Baptcare in the fast moving markets.


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