Analysis Paper

Analysis Paper.

I am doing my paper on Zoo Animals Versus Birds. I have attached the directions to this assignment and I have also attached my title page that I turned in already please use this as the title and introduction section of the paper. All you have to do is write the paper on the subs that I put on the title. My information is labeled title.

This is a sample results section from a slightly different experiment from a different semester showing you how to write and organize your results section. I am sharing this to help you see the style of writing, and the organization, more so than the exact words.

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When you are reading below, remember that when it talks about the experimental condition and the control condition, your paper will talk about the zoo animals vs. the bird condition. (You won’t use the words, experimental vs. control).

Further, your results of the students in the experiment may be different. You may have more words recalled from zoo or you may have more words recalled from the birds. Also, the number of false memories may be more from one group of slides than the other. So, you need to state which group had more false memories.

Instead of labeling your graph with control vs experimental, you should label it Zoo vs. Birds.

When talking about your results, restate your hypotheses, and then talk about your results in relation to that hypothesis. Talk about the general findings first, and then give specific examples, to illustrate points, or as exceptions, as done below on the next page.

Analysis Paper

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