Blog entry. I need someone to create a 500 word log entry (with at least 3 scholarly references to support your work) that is suitable for posting on a website dealing with elder care issues. Write the content for a blog entry in which you will complete the following:

Use your own words to define elder care.
Discuss your personal familiarity with the types of resources/services available.
What services did you already know about and what services were new to you?
What areas of geropsychology did you already know about and what areas were new to you?
Analyze how the resources provided this week helped you to better understand elder care.

Be sure your main point is presented in the first paragraph. Your introduction should describe the problem and provide a bit of history to put it into perspective. Next, the body of the blog should offer solutions and strategies that address the problem.
You can write the body of your blog by writing in paragraphs or, using bullets, numbered lists, multiple headings, or a combination of these formats.
In your blog’s conclusion, be sure to restate of the problem that was addressed and the strategies/solutions involved. This conclusion may include a call to action for the reader to engage in further research.

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