Article Analysis Essay

Article Analysis Essay.

Article Analysis Essay


1.    To implement critical reading skills when reviewing academic resources.

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2.    To encourage a mindful comprehension and incorporation of sources and their content into one’s own research.


Read Catching Up: The Gender Gap in Wages, circa 2000 by June O’Neill (see Blackboard).

Write a 4-5 page critique essay of O’Neill’s article which could include critiques or support of her overall argument, main points, organization, or other aspects of the article. Do not use 1st person for this essay.


The essay should include a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. The body of the paper should be comprised of a:

a.    Summary: presentation of the author’s (O’Neill) view in a fair and objective way without critical comment (no more than one to two paragraphs!).

b.    Critiques: the essay should include at least three critiques (either positive or negative) of the article (the majority of the paper!).

Each paragraph should include a clear topic sentence with the remaining sentences supporting that topic.

Direct quotes need to have citations: (O’Neill, 2003, p. #). Paraphrases need a citation as well: (O’Neill, 2003).

Your paper needs to include a Reference page (not included in the page count).

Arial, 12 pt font, double-spaced.

For further information see the “Article Analysis” PowerPoint available on Blackboard.


O’Neill, J. (2003). Catching up: The gender gap in wages, circa 2000. American             Economic Review, 93(2). Retrieved from:            pe=pdf

Article Analysis Essay

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