Healthcare Determinant Presentation

Healthcare Determinant Presentation.

There are three Contemporary Models of Health Determinants. They are:

  • Dahlgren and Whitehead model
  • Ansari and colleagues model
  • WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health Conceptual Framework

In your discussion:

  1. Choose one model and explain:
    • The type of model
    • Why the model is or is not the most relevant model of care delivery in the American Care Delivery System
    • How the model addresses the issue of social justice


  1. Provide a thoughtful and complete initial response that is a minimum of two to three paragraphs.
  2. In your responses, reference either material in the book or an external source to support your point. Don’t forget to cite your resources.
  3. Provide a minimum of a five (5) to seven (7) sentence response to two or more classmates that directly addresses your thoughts on their post.
  4. Please ensure that each response includes proper grammar and punctuation, and is respectful in tone.

Healthcare Determinant Presentation

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