Assignment- Conflict Intervention Case Study

Assignment- Conflict Intervention Case Study.

Choose a public dispute from the news. Create a chart which lists the parties (aka stakeholders), their interests and their BATNAs (list these in a chart) Where does the dispute fall on the spiral of unmanaged conflict? Suggest one type of intervention found in your reading or in additional research you have done. Your recommended interventions must be supported by reference to course material and/or outside research. Remember, mediation is not always the best, or the only, process. Defend your process choice by explaining why other possibilities would be less useful in this situation. Tell the reader:

  1. Your diagnosis of the underlying causes of the dispute
  2. Why the selected intervention(s) is likely to resolve this dispute and possibly prevent similar future disputes
  3. Why this intervention(s) was chosen above other possible  interventions  

The paper should be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, and written at the college level, adhere to APA guidelines, and include a reference list (not included in the page limit). Any sources used must be cited properly using in-text citations and referenced at the end of the paper. Submit your assignment Drop Box 10.1.

Assignment- Conflict Intervention Case Study

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