Building Strong Brand: Colgate

Building Strong Brand: Colgate.


  • Case attached 
  • Please read the case and analyze it by answering these case analysis questions.
  • You may answer each case discussion question in each paragraph and separate different paragraphs for different questions. You don’t have to copy the discussion questions in your answer.
  • Although quantity is not quality, however I do not accept 1-2 sentence answers to each question. Please make a thorough case analysis, post 300 to 500 words’ case analysis (roughly 1.5-3 pages double spaced with 12-font), and post it in the text entry format online. There is no word limit on your comments to others.

Case Discussion questions

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  1. What changes are occurring in the toothbrush category? Assess Colgate-
    Palmolive’s competitive position.
  1. How is the toothbrush market segmented? Compare consumer behavior
    between highly involved and less involved consumers for toothbrushes.
  2. What are the arguments for launching Precision as (a) a niche products and (b) a
    mainstream brand? The objectives of this question are: (1), to emphasize the
    importance and marketing program implications of determining whether a new
    product represents a big breakthrough idea or a line extension, and (2), to
    consider the relative merits of emphasizing a corporate brand umbrella versus
    an individual brand name when launching a new product.
  3. What marketing recommendations would you make to Steinberg?

Building Strong Brand: Colgate

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