E-COMMERCE, MIS Infrastructure

E-COMMERCE, MIS Infrastructure.

You have owned and operated a successful brick-and-mortar business for several years. Due to increased competition from other retailers, you have decided to expand your operations to sell your products via the Internet. 

Describe some of the characteristics of an Agile MIS Infrastructure. Which aspect do you think is the most vital and please justify your response. 

Explain the three components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure. How does it benefit organizations? Using your responses from previous discussion questions and assignments (be sure you include them in your analysis), develop a plan to implement and execute your strategy to go E- business.

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***Don’t forget to include your ALA (P) assignment titled “Personalized CLO Applied Learning Assignment” in your CLA1 paper***

**Attached ALA(P) that I prepared.

**APA format- 5 pages.


E-COMMERCE, MIS Infrastructure

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