Bus 470 starbucks | Marketing homework help

1.Using your general knowledge of the coffee take-out industry, what do you like or not like about Starbucks? Also, perform a SWOT(strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats)  analysis of Starbucks.(ONE PAGE)


2. (Read attachment) Review the information in Illustration Capsule 4.1 concerning the value change average costs of producing and selling an upscale polo shirt and compare this with the representative value chain depicted in Figure 4.3.  Then answer the following questions:(ONE PAGE)

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a. Which of the company’s primary value chain activities account for the largest percentage of its operating expenses?

b. What support activities described in Figure 4.3 would be necessary at KP MacLane?

c. What value chain activities might be important in securing and maintaining a competitive advantage for a producer of upscale, branded shirts like KP MacLane?




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