Business questions

Business questions.

Part 1 (CH 1 Q’s 1-13)

1.   What is operations management in health care?

2.   How is health care representative of a system?

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3.   What are the five key goals of operations managers?

4.   Does operations management affect a hospital’s competitive advantage?

5.   What are three of the key trends affecting hospital operations?

6.   Who is considered the “father” of scientific management?

7.   How are decisions made in organizations?

8.   What are the basic steps of a rational management decision-making process?

9.   What are the common sources of cost increases in health care?

10. How does the medical care consumer price index relate to cost increases for other items?

11. What four things can be learned from scientific management?

12. What are the three reasons decision-making processes in health care are more ambiguous than in other organizations?

13. How does evidence-based medicine support operations management techniques?

Part 2 (CH 2 Q’s 1-7)

1.   Is health care a “business”?

2.   What are five of the key factors that distinguish a hospital from other industrial organizations?

3.   Define an “average” hospital in terms of size (employees, revenue, beds).

4.   Which types of hospitals exist, and whom do they serve?

5.   What is the role of a teaching hospital in the health care industry?

6.   What makes governance of academic hospitals more complex than that for community hospitals?

7.   Which recent policies or acts have influenced health care operations management?

Business questions

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