Insider Threat

Insider Threat.

An employee has just been fired for taking trade secrets home and leaving them on a commuter bus where someone found them and then took pictures and posted them to the internet. The company has lost millions since the disclosure has removed the trade secret protected status.

You have been asked by the head of the IT department to create a 5-page reference guide for employees that will help employees be more aware of ways to reduce insider threat within your organization.

Include an introduction on the risk landscape and recent high profile cases of insider threat.

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Identify 15 actions, with descriptions, of how an organization can take action to reduce insider threat.

Consider the following when creating your reference guide:

  • Working with internal and external threats
  • Influences on human behavior; users not always aware of behavior
  • How insider threat contributes to organizational compromise
  • The basic methods and tools used to defend against networks security risks
  • Malicious behavior and insider threat (identifying how documents were stolen and mitigating that risk)
  • Compare well-known cases of insider threat found in the news and media
  • Guide management in the practice of hiring, training, and termination

Insider Threat

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