Case Plan for a Recovering Stroke Patient

Case Plan for a Recovering Stroke Patient
A case of Mr John
Mr John is a 52 year old male who is recovering in the Stroke Unit of his local hospital
following a left sided ischaemic stroke. He is conscious with a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
of 15, and is due for discharge within the next week. His residual symptoms include
expressive dysphasia, right sided hemiparesis of his arm and leg with severe weakness in
both limbs. Mr John is right handed. He normally enjoys playing soccer, and he has several
friends in his team who he has maintained a close relationship to over several years. Prior to
admission, he worked as an accountant. He has a supportive wife and a child who is 15
years old. However, he is having hard time accepting the fact that he is requiring assistance
from his wife to carry out everyday tasks.
Structure your assignment so that it meets the following requirements: This is a case
study report, and does not require an introduction and conclusion. You may use headings.
1. Overview of pathophysiology (approx 350 words, start a new paragraph). Provide a
description of the pathophysiology related to Mr John�s symptoms. This should include an
explanation of the functional changes Mr John is experiencing following his left sided
ischaemic stroke.
2. Nursing Care and Rationale. (approx 2150 words, start a new paragraph). Provide a
description of the current nursing care & short-term discharge requirements for Mr
John, focusing upon Roper, Logan and Tierney�s activities of living of:
? maintaining a safe environment,
? mobilising,
? communication,
? working and playing, and
? expressing sexuality.
You must also provide a rationale for the nursing care you describe. Your rationales must
be based on evidence from the academic literature and relate to the registered nurse�s scope
of practice.
Your description of Mr John�s current nursing care & short-term discharge
requirements should include:
� A description of the primary & secondary information you would require to plan Mr
John�s care
� Identification of any assessments you would need to undertake
� A description of the nursing interventions that would be required
� An outline of how Mr John�s nursing care would be evaluated
� Identification of how you would accommodate Mr John�s personal preferences into his
nursing care plan
A Marking Criteria has been uploaded named ‘MARKING CRITERIA’ that will be used to grade the order. Please ensure sufficient emphasis is put on the respective categories.
The criteria tends to the formatting style and referencing, so please use the Harvard Style. Please use this link which the university provides students for the strict referencing it requires for science essay papers:
This order follows a marking criteria (strict style that the university follows- Harvard). This style is some what different to other Universities.
Here are some examples:
Journal Article from a print journal (two or three authors):
Carlin and Ford (2006, p. 79) state that, “paying executives in the form of options…”.
“A further noteworthy influence…” (Carlin & Ford 2006, p. 79).
The group of 100 joined the ASX and other associations… (Carlin & Ford 2006, p. 79).
Author, initial(s) Year of publication, ‘Article title’, Journal Title, vol. (volume number), no. (issue number if any), p./pp. (page numbers).
Carlin, TY & Ford, G 2006, ‘A governance perspective on executive options plans – some Australian empirical evidence’, Australian Accounting Review, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 75-84.
Journal Article from the internet:
In-text referencing:
Direct quote:
Findings suggest that “Intercultural communication skills… in ELT” (Xiao & Petraki 2007)
Xiao and Petraki (2007) established in their study that…
Reference List:
Author, initial/s Year of publication, ‘article title’, Journal Title, vol.,no., p./pp. page numbers (if available) viewed day month year, – no full stop
Xiao, H & Petraki E 2007, ‘An Investigation of Chinese students’ difficulties in intercultural communication and its role in ELT’, Journal of Intercultural Communication, no. 13, viewed 27 November 2010,
-Page Orientation: Portrait
-Margins: not less than 40mm on left, 20mm on right, 30mm on top and 20mm on bottom
-Font: 12 point (Times New Roman or Palatino preferred)
-Spacing: 1.5 between lines and 3.0 for new paragraph (hit double return)
-Number all pages sequentially
-Comply with word limit (+ or – 10%)
-Use clear plain English: avoid jargon, cliches and made-up words
-Use abbreviations correctly
-Apply rules of English grammar
-Check syntax (sentence construction), spelling and punctuation before submitting work
-Be concise
-Use Harvard Referencing Harvard Referencing Guide
-Do not use more than 10% direct quotations in any piece of work
-List references in alphabetical order on a separate page entitled ‘References’
– For journals (or any source similar) please do not forget to include page numbers for the in-text referencing (page range as well). Refer to the link above for respective the style guide.
– The number of references is not limited to 20 (minimum), additional can be used should the writer feel the need to.

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