Case study on leadership

Case study on leadership
Consider the leadership dynamics of the several corporate change initiatives illustrated in Chapter 8. Choose one of the change initiatives illustrated in Chapter 8 and answer the following questions: The change initiatives are: Building Credibility, Communication, Listening, Assertiveness, Conducting Meetings, Effective Stress Management, Problem Solving and Improving Creativity’
i. How did effective leadership contribute to the success of this initiative?
ii. What can you learn from this experience on how to initiate positive change in an organization? How can you apply this new learning?
Yukl, G. (2002). Leadership in organizations. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
1. Read Chapter 13 of Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, “Contingency Theories of Leadership,” including all Profiles and Highlights for additional perspective.
2. Navigate to the threaded discussion below and submit a substantive, initial discussion post in response to the following (adapted from authors’ questions, p. 554 ATTACHED)
a. Describe a leadership situation with which you are familiar. Which of the contingency theories described in the chapter best fits the interaction of the leader, followers, and situation in your example?
b. Consider a current personal leadership challenge. How would at least one of the theories described in the chapter allow you to better predict a likely or preferred outcome?
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