The detectability case study

The detectability case study
Introduction 500-600words roughly ( 3 paragraphs)
In the first paragraph : overview of current knowledge about the topic of your study, where the knowledge gaps are, and how and why your study helps to fill one of those gaps. The releant/recent research about this sucject.
In the next paragraph you need to introduced the specific study system you have worked with for this experiment and describe why you chose it. Start board and narrow into an argument about why its interesting to do this study
the final paragraph of the introduction you need to state (using prose) your hypotheses and predictions.
Overall: an experiment was conducted to determine if a colour of a frog effects its detectability. Fake colourful frogs were placed along a path and a subject would walk in a straight line looking for the frogs, and pointing out if they where seen.
– What was the hypothesis? Does the colour of the frog effect its detectability ?
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