Question 1

Read Chapter 3 –

The move to cloud computing continues to progress at a very rapid pace. Many companies are taking advantage of the benefits and features cloud computing offers in the form of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. Regarding software, consider what applications your company uses. What applications are possibly outsourced to a cloud service provider? For example, your company may be using Microsoft Office 365 for email and office suite applications. Beyond this, what more specific software is your company currently using which may be cloud-based. Why are they using this system and what benefit does using the cloud for this service provide?

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Your response should be 250-300 words. Follow APA 7 guidelines for references.

Usability Journal

Read Chapters 5 and 6, Interaction Design 5th Edition

Each day, we use the Internet on our personal computers and mobile devices to access information and purchase goods. Websites often have their own mobile form factor while others maintain the same Website user experience, creating challenges when trying to use navigation, overcome errors, search, and complete the most mundane tasks. For this assignment, you are to review a website as well as a Mobile Site. For example, you would evaluate on Microsoft Edge (PC) and on your iPhone using Safari. Conducting a heuristic evaluation (self-evaluation), you will write an assessment on each Website answering the following questions: 

  1. What Website did you evaluate?
  2. What industry does the company participate in?
  3. Looking at the online website, address three issues that require revision? For each issue, please provide a screenshot and explicitly mark why you feel this issue is problematic.
  4. Looking at the online website, how would you suggest that the issues requiring revision are corrected based on what you have learned in the class so far?
  5. Moving to the mobile site, compare those same three features. Did you find the user experience to be problematic or better suited for the mobile form factor?
  6. With the mobile site, how would you enhance the experience for those same issues you found on the Website to be problematic. 

This paper length is 4 -6 pages. Since this is a personal review of a website, sources are not necessary. However, you are still to follow the APA format in presenting the paper. Assignment should be in a separate word document.

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