Comparing Presidents.


Answer ALL of the following questions. The homework can respond to each question separately- one essay is NOT needed.


  1. Visit  Choose a presidential acceptance (Inaugural Address) speech given prior to 1950 (either from the Republican or Democrat ticket). Discuss the issues addressed, people mentioned and current events happening during the time in which the speech was given. (half page write up).
  2. Using the web site above, (Links to an external site.) choose another speech post 1950 of candidate of the opposing party (ie if you selected a Republican speech for the previous activity, select a Democrat).  Again, write a half page.
  3. Compare and contrast the issues that are discussed in the two presidential speeches.
  4. Compare and contrast the people that were mentioned in each of the two presidential speeches.
  5. According to political scientist Richard Neustadt, the power of the presidency depends on the individuals’ ability to persuade. Putting previous perceptions of the candidates aside and just focusing on the text in speeches alone, which candidate presented a stronger speech?

Learning objective(s):

  • Interrupt various forms of presidential power.
  • Differentiate presidential popularity—and greatness.

Comparing Presidents

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