Course Research Project

Course Research Project.

As a Human Services Administrator of an aging organization in your community, you are at the helm of establishing sound practices that enhance the client’s overall well-being and effective organizational functioning.

The purpose of this assignment is to thoroughly analyze a trend in long term care (covered in section 3 of your course text).


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§ Work individually

§ Utilize 8 research articles and/or scholarly books (5 must be within the last 5 years). A maximum of 2 sources may be web based.

§ 8 pages (not including title & Reference pg)

§ Submit to Grammarly prior to final submission for grading

§ Adhere to APA formatting

§ All citations must have a corresponding reference

§ All references must have corresponding citations

§ Title page

§ Abstract

§ Reference page



§ Provide a thorough analysis of the long-term care trend.

Historical information should be included to provide a solid framework

§ Client characteristics (age, income, physical health issues, etc.)

§ Organizational considerations: financial, legal, public policy

§ Client psychosocial considerations

§ Theoretical framework (module 1)

§ Administrator responsibilities. Connect three NOHS ethical standards and both SLU core values to support ethical management

Is there a licensure requirement for the administrator? If so, what are the requirements? If not, is this a gap in service provision?


Course Research Project

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