creativity, innovation, motivation and coaching

  1. What are the essential aspects and purpose of coaching?
  2. For recognition, many organizations give watches, pens, mugs and other products with the company logo on it. What do you think is the effectiveness of this for employee recognition?
  3. People have different motivations and ways they prefer to be recognized in the workplace. As a leader, how will you uncover the preference for recognition of workers?
  4. What are the coaching skills or techniques in the textbook that you would employ the most as a leader? Why?
  5. Based on the textbook reading, describe any two actions that a leader might take to improve employee engagement.
  6. In order to enhance creative thinking, describe some multiple uses (other than the norm) for the following items:
    1. hardcopy book
    2. paperclip
    3. plastic bag
    4. rubber band
    5. bottle cork
  7. Engage your creativity; brainstorm what could be the next big technology breakthrough to use in business (beyond cell phones, personal computers, etc.).

textbook ref: DuBrin, A. J. (2015). Leadership: Research findings, practice, and skills.

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