Crisis Communications Plan

Crisis Communications Plan.

Develop  a crisis communications plan for your stakeholders, including a     social media  policy. The plan should include ideas  you have offered in essays   and assignments you have already submitted in this  course, most specifically   the outline submitted in Unit III. Walk  through how you believe organizational   leaders and  their  spokespeople should  decide and act during a  crisis. Your plan should  include at  least   the following items (not necessarily  in this order):

  •     an   introduction and description of your crisis communications plan,                 
  •  purpose, 
  •  scope, 
  • situations   and assumptions, 
  •  audience   profiles, 
  •  review   of leadership hierarchy and approval processes, 
  •  key   communication strategies, 
  •  delegation   of responsibilities, 
  • evaluation   of communication efforts, and 
  •  guidelines   addressing social media. 

Research sources to  support your ideas. Your plan should be a minimum of     four-pages in APA format.  You must include a minimum of two sources, at least     one source from the CSU  Online Library.


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Crisis Communications Plan

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