Week 3: Public Health Institutions and Systems

Week 3: Public Health Institutions and Systems.

After completing the readings and website:

1. List one concern/question that you have as based on the reading?

Now imagine :A non-medical professional that is required to fly 3-5 times a week for their job is concerned about the radiation level that he/she is exposed to on a regular basis as they are “scanned” by security on a routine basis. They perform an internet search and find the “Presidential Report on Radiation Protection Advice: Screening of Humans for Security Purposes Using Ionizing Radiation Scanning Systems” and additional information on CDC, FDA, NIH, and WHO websites.

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2. List two concerns/question that you might anticipate that individual might have?

Finally: Based on this week’s assignments:

3.     Do you believe that the CDC, FDA, NIH, and WHO do an adequate job collaborating and providing reliable information to the general public?

4.     Explain why or why not?

5.     What could you as a health professional suggest to these agencies to increase efforts to collaborate.

Week 3: Public Health Institutions and Systems

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