Dbm 460 week 2 business and management scenario

DBM 460 Week 2 Business and Management Scenario


This is Part One of a three-part assignment. For this week, you will complete the following:

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Choose from the following options:


·         Option 1: Write a 1050 to 1,400-word paper.

·         Option 2: Create a 7- to 10slide presentation. Includevideos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate. Include substantial speaker notes, or insert audio narration into your presentation. Explore the Microsoft PowerPoint© website to locate instructions on recording audio.

Choose from the following issues:


·         Increasing sales

·         Increasing market share

·         Revenue growth

·         Operational efficiency

·         Cost containment

·         Product quality

·         Customer satisfaction


Select an issue affecting one of the organizations. Discuss how the organization may implement and use data warehousing to overcome the issue.


Define the data warehouse architecture that would support the recommendations you made to solve the issue you identified. 


Include project planning, management, and business requirements in your design.


Create a dimensional model to meet the warehouse’s data needs for the issue.

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