English thread on james joyce and joyce carol oates

I would like you to create an original thread based on one or two of the three stories James Joyce’s “Araby” and “Eveline” and Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. And use AT LEAST two of the terms from the “Fictional Device” and/or “Elements of Fiction” lists in your original thread. If you need to answer one of the questions (or a combo) from the “Notes” section in the Joyce or Oates folders for this assignment, that would be great!


  • “Araby” is a story about burgeoning sexuality and frustrated desire. A truly Joycean welcome to the joys of adolescence for our young lad! This story is so heavily anthologized and discussed in terms of the epiphany at the end of the story that I would be very surprised if your not familiar with it. Unfortunately, much of the fullness of the rest of the story is usually lost in classroom treatments of it because of Joyce’s exemplary use of epiphany. However, you will still need to carefully consider the last sentence of the story (an exquisite sentence, indeed) and be sure to understand how the narrator gets to this emotional state.
  • What is “Araby” and what are its mysteries and enticements? What promise does it hold for the narrator? What does it deliver?
  • What is the relationship between the narrator and Mangan’s sister? Is there a relationship at all? How do you think the narrator would respond to this question? Would that answer change by the end of the story? How would Mangan’s sister respond to the relationship question?
  • How are the adults in this story characterized? What purpose do they serve in the narrator’s life (and in the story)? How are the adults in this story similar to/different from the adults in the previous two stories? What role do guardians (since there don’t seem to be many biological parents here) play in the lives of the narrators?

Remember your original threads MUST be 8-10 complete sentences

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Link to the stories 






Due friday 12pm (central)

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