Deliverable 2 – Social Awareness

Deliverable 2 – Social Awareness.


Analyze the importance of adjusting individual behavior as it relates to personal and professional goals.


You are a member of a high-functioning team and want to apply for an open management position. Part of the interviewing process involves you reflecting on your own behavioral growth and development in order to demonstrate your commitment to relating to others while achieving personal and professional goals. To do this, you need to identify two different situations that indicate a focus/change needed to make others want to work with you as their manager. One situation needs to be a positive experience while the second is a negative experience.

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Create a presentation (i.e. PowerPoint, Visio, YouTube, Screen-cast-o-matic, Prezi, etc.) based on your self-awareness of your behaviors in the workplace and based on each situation you identified for self-awareness. Your presentation will need to include:

  1. Details or background on the two situations identified (positive and negative).
  2. For each situation, discuss what non-verbal cues were given or used.
  3. For each situation, explain what the outcomes were.
  4. For each situation, determine what tools could be used to make improvements (i.e. listening more, empathy, more information, etc.).
  5. Include speaker notes on each slide.

Deliverable 2 – Social Awareness

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