Discussion Topic 2

Discussion Topic 2.

Managers come in many different types of organizations, not just businesses. Not all of you may have had a part-time or full-time job yet, but most of you should have experience with a manager in some form or fashion. You could consider the coach of an athletic team a manager, your parents as managers, or perhaps even the instructor of a class that you’ve taken. 

Think about a manager that you have worked with in the past. Tell us a little about that manager (what their title was, and their role in the organization). You don’t need to give their name. Consider the level that they operate in the organization. Are they a front-line manager, a middle manager or an executive manager?  With respect to conceptual, human, and technical skill, discuss the skills necessary to do their job well. Does the manager you recall possess those skills? Where and how can they improve?

Discussion Topic 2

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