Employee Performance Evaluation

Employee Performance Evaluation. For this assignment, determine an effective process to evaluate the     performance of one of your employees. As you have determined that periodic     evaluations can be more beneficial than annual evaluations, you will be     evaluating the mid-level manager who you hired and who has now been on board     for  6 months. Your process should include an appropriate evaluation tool and a    means  of providing feedback on the employee’s performance issues.

There are three parts to this project. You will begin by developing a     performance review form that contains a minimum of 10 points of criteria. This   template  is a starting point and may be used as is or can be modified as  you    wish.  The template has 10 points of criteria; however, you can add more  if the     specifics of the position warrant you doing so.

  • Provide an explanation for each of the criteria. Remember, these should                directly represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) as    well   as     the       requirements for the position.
  • Develop a rating scale, and provide a legend that identifies the distinct                performance rating definitions. There must be a minimum of three        levels.     (The     template has three levels; however, you can add more.)
  • Next, you will fill out your newly created form to evaluate the mid-level                manager. This is, of course, based on the input of the immediate          supervisor       and your own assessment.
  • Evaluate each criteria, and include a minimum of three criteria where the                employee does not meet performance expectations.
  • Summarize the employee performance appraisal in the comments section.
  • Identify the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offer feedback and coaching on ways that the employee can improve his or                her performance.
  • Finally, you will write a one-page synopsis in which you explain the value                of your evaluation process and new tool to your leadership team.        Include     the     information below:
    • how the changes will benefit the organization,
    • how equal employment opportunity laws were considered, and
    • strategies that leaders can use to address unmet employee performance                              expectations.
  • Include two sources to support your explanation.

The template is only a guideline. You are encouraged to modify it as you    wish, as long as it still meets all of the above listed requirements. Combine    your completed template and the one-page synopsis into one document. Ensure that you include a title page. Adhere to    APA Style when creating citations and references for this    assignment.

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Employee Performance Evaluation

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