Identify and evaluate

Identify and evaluate. Identify and evaluate the inter-dependencies of organizations within the health care system to recommend partnerships and alliances for sustainable health care delivery

Analyze the benefits of integration within the health care system

All assignments must target the content application while using two variables: the job choice and the case assigned by the faulty

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Early on Monday, the Supervising Manager called your group/team and congratulated you on excellent stakeholders’ review (week 4assignment). Your work was so good that the Manager decided to use it as a standard approach for all other groups/teams. He/she asks you to make a graphical representation of the combined linkages and affiliations between the identified primary and affiliated stakeholders and the managerial job roles in your team that can serve as a visual map for the rest of the organization. The stakeholders’ linkage map needs to represent the types of links directed to solve managerial issues identified in week 2 Memos and the communication linkages among the job roles with the shared goal to affect the needs of the affected population.

You can use any software/program to accomplish this goal as long as it is visible in LEO and free. This creative process requires precision and careful planning. Think thought linkages and affiliations. Imagine how it would work in real life. One of the recommended programs to use is Paint. Post the template in the forum for the team members to fill in. You may use Google Doc as well.

In order to accomplish this quick project, your team needs to collaborate on the format of the map, direction of link and affiliations and to coordinate the editing and submission of the final product. Recommended steps to completion:

1.      Read all the documents from week 2  and the stakeholder analysis from week 4(Wednesday)

2.      Make a list of the issues, identified relationships among the team job roles and the stakeholders as well the directional communication( By Friday)

3.      Decide on the map format. You may look at some examples at:

4.      Assign a person responsible for the frame development(Friday/Saturday)

5.      Each group member enters relevant information in the appropriate locations (Sunday)

6.      Review the draft (Monday)

7.      Assigned person to edit the draft and to convert it to the visually cohesive product (Monday)

8.      Miscellaneous/submit to the dropbox for grading (Tuesday)


1. Understand the terms: stakeholder, linkage map, primary, secondary or affiliated, graphic representation of information

2. Put yourself in a place of the linkage map assessor. Could you understand how the stakeholders are connected and how the communication flow is accomplished? Can you find your way to one of the secondary stakeholders if you are a supervising manager?

3. The diagrams may or may not need legends to explain the used symbol choices. Make your decision about including a legend in the submission.

Identify and evaluate

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