Final approval of Research Topic

Final approval of Research Topic.

Discussion Question 4

No unread replies.11 reply. In this discussion forum, you will need to focus on developing a research plan that includes an introduction and reason why you chose this research, and questions. Refer to the articles with questionnaires and instruments posted in the course. Please read all of my responses to your posts. This will help as you develop your plan.

When responding to another learner’s post, encourage and offer suggestions. 

In one to two paragraphs, share brief background and relevancy of your topic and write out your narrowed research topic and research question(s), again. Only clarify the topic as approved by the Professor. Use the same verbiage (research language) throughout your research project. (Do not change your topic, unless approved by the Professor).

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Remember, you will later use a quantitative methodology (electronic survey questions)  in the final MBA 5430 Capstone course to collect data responses from willing participants. This will allow you to  measure what  you are proposing. Keep your topic and research question(s) narrow! Think about where you will get people to take your survey. If you do not think you can find people, then you will need to use a different topic.

Respond to another student’s post with details of how they could further develop their research topic.

Here is an example.

For my research project, I will examine what management and leadership competencies are exhibited by managers working in banking. My research question is: What management and leadership competencies are exhibited by managers and supervisors in the banking industry? I will use Yukl’s (2012) survey that measures task-oriented, relation-oriented, change-oriented, and external-oriented behaviors. My variables in the research will be task-oriented behaviors, relation-oriented behaviors, change-oriented behaviors, and external-oriented behaviors. I have access to several banks and have contacted the managers to get permission to conduct my survey; OR, I have contacted my supervisor/organizational leader, or other to gain permission to conduct surveys); and/or I will gather data through Social Media such as to gain permission from willing participants who will complete the survey questions for this class project.


Yukl, G. (2012). Effective leadership behavior: What we know and questions need more attention. Academy of Management Perspectives, 26(4), 66-85. doi: 10.5465/amp.2012.0088

Your professor will provide feedback on your topic in the discussion forum. Make sure you check back for feedback.

Final approval of Research Topic

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