global business shorty answer.

global business shorty answer..

) Read the closing case: Mickey Goes to Shanghai, pp339-340 of the textbook

2) Form groups of 4-5.

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3) Answer the questions below:

A) Why does Disney feel compelled to make significant changes to its theme park when it enters China?

B) Does Disney have any overwhelming resources and capabilities? What are they?

C) What are the lessons Disney has learned from operating theme parks outside the United States (in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong)? How applicable are these lessons to the new park in Shanghai?

D) Do you think Disney’s new park in Shanghai be successful? Explain your answer. (This is also your conclusion. Hint: Include some recommendations to sustain the park’s success.)

4) Turn in your written work as a group! Only one person needs to submit the work – but make sure all the names of the team members are on the document so everyone can receive credit.

5) Maximum number of pages: 2 (single or double-spaced is okay).

global business shorty answer.

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